Monday, July 11, 2011

Astute Observations of Human Nature and How to Defeat the Trend

People are hilarious. I can't think of a better adjective to describe the nearly seven billion citizens of this place we all call home... We spend our whole lives trying to find our purpose and calling in this life so that we show the world how great we are, yet when it comes down to it, the only time that most of feel true happiness is when we just stop caring about what other people think about us. If all we focus on is how we will be perceived by certain actions we take, then we deny ourselves opportunities to experience life to its fullest. Think about it, if Picasso would have been worried about what people thought about his art, do you think that abstract art would even exist? Sure we all have varying opinions about his art, some people think it is garbage, others define it as the work of a genius, but what matters is that art like that exists regardless of other people's opinions of the art. Yet, I have to ask how many times we deny ourselves experiences and opportunities to develop ourselves based on a fear of what other people may think... I know that there have been plenty of times throughout my life where I've stopped myself from developing friendships, relationships and myself because I was worried about what my friends and family might think. I still ask myself how my life might be different if I would have taken the opportunity to get to know someone new or asked a few different girls on a date. I personally believe that my life would be a lot different if I would have taken action. I'm not saying that I live in regret of the indecision of my past, however I do feel like there are some opportunities that I missed because of indecision. The hardest part is to come to the realization that it was all based off of an irrational fear of what my friends and family would think about me. As I've gotten a bit more mature, or well at least older, I've learned my lesson and I try my best to find the best in others so that I can stop focusing on my own deficiencies and take the best of other people to help me become my best self, but most importantly I've learned how to live my life without being preoccupied with the judgments of others and my life has never been better. I personally believe that it is one of the major keys to being truly happy for anyone because the truth of the matter is that most of us don't sit around and criticize every little thing about the people we know and when it comes down to it, if we're spending time with other people and they are still spending time with us, they probably enjoy being around us and chances are that if some people enjoy spending time with us, the majority of people would probably enjoy spending time with us. So why should we be so concerned with everyone else's opinions of us? The risk is worth the reward nine times out of ten and I'll take those odds in Vegas any day...
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