Friday, March 26, 2010

Can't We All Just Get Along?

This week has been one of the most heated weeks in recent political memory with health care reform bringing the Conservative Underground into an absolute frenzy, destroying everything in sight and burning down anything that dares to mention the name of he cannot be named, AKA Barack Obama. Once again pointing out the absolute schism in America between conservatism and progressivism, democrats and republicans, neighbors and friends. We are in a state of division, there's no way to beat around the bush(no pun intended). Yet what is most frightening to me is the absolute haughtiness of the political parties. In a recent article in the Daily Mail, a British newspaper, A poll of American Republicans found that nearly 25% thought that Obama may be the Anti-Christ... and an even greater number compared our president to Adolf Hitler. 57% of Republicans claimed that they believe that the president is secretly Muslim. Is this really how far divided our country has become? I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, but I don't know how comparing the president to two of the most infamous reviled characters in the history of the world, and challenging his religious beliefs, will help our nation. If you don't like Obama's policy or politics that's fine, I don't agree with a lot of his policies and procedures, but bigotry and name-calling won't solve anything at all! Yet it seems to be en vogue, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity make millions of dollars every year off of calling Democrats, Communists, and Michael Moore makes millions off of calling Republicans, Fascists. The problem is that they are making millions of dollars doing so! This is what our country wants!!! It's time to wake up and realize that the great valley between these political views must be bridged, the only way to solve this debacle is true bipartisan efforts to reform our nation, compromise to satisfy the needs of our country. America is founded upon freedom and the right to have an opinion, but until our representatives in Washington figure out how to compromise, the schism will keep growing, and if it keeps growing, hatred and bigotry will grow as well...

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